REACH Art Festival 2014

Sunday 4th of May saw the REACH Art Festival occupying the promenade running from the marine lake café up to St Annes swimming pool. This event celebrated the culmination of the public engagement for REACH phase 1 and showcased a variety of creative talent from the area.

10329194_1488605341352669_5429895267305449265_n 2014-05-04 12.03.14

The REACH stand  was a fantastic opportunity to exhibit the creative and visual directions our designs are taking. We displayed mood boards which explored colour, tone, texture, shape and key words informed by the art activities and research undertaken in this project. The public feedback was very positive with people showing excitement at the prospect of re animating the promenade and being enticed by the direction the designs are leaning towards.

display sjr display sk

We also exhibited visual displays showing  the work created over the past two months with all the different groups within St Annes. A celebration of all the wonderful encounters we have had with schools, community groups, local business’s and the public. We also showed a giant knitted fish pattern with tessellating fish, knitted by local knitters and people from further afield thanks to everyone for creating so many wonderful little fish.

fish 1 copy

Local photographers, painters, craft makers, textile and glass artists had stalls showcasing their wonderful creativity and offering the chance to buy some beautiful original hand made art work. The stalls lined the promenade on both sides forming a passage of inspiration and visual delight. A treasure hunt for knitted fish holding riddles, jokes and questions had people exploring the beautiful listed Victorian gardens.

2014-05-04 11.59.41 2014-05-04 11.59.27

2014-05-04 11.58.35 2014-05-04 11.53.41


A hugely popular sea shanty band, The Fylde Coasters, kept the spirits high and feet tapping with a lively show and Punch and Judy enthralled kids and adults alike.  A storyteller opened up her suitcase to reveal potions and strange object with which to capture young imaginations and weave magical stories, the ground was festooned with colourful chalk drawings whilst a period mini bus ferried people through the crowd with a wave and a smile.

fylde coasters story1 copy

 10312576_1488728761340327_1579555974422733423_n pandj1 copy

bus 1 copy bus 2 copy

The RSPB and RNLI were both present, sharing their knowledge and expertise with enthusiasm.


Thank you to all the stall holders and entertainers who made the day so special and to everyone who supported this event. A huge thanks to the amazing Alex O’Toole for her energy and vision and for making this event such a huge success, also to Darren Bell from Fylde Council for his support on the day and invaluable gazebo building skills.








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