Visiting Lytham St Annes


The sun was shining for our first full day site visit on this project. We were inspired by the light bouncing off the water and other reflective surfaces, such a beautiful place.

We spoke at length about our excitement about this project and our ideas for creating workshops, activities and event –  gathering information and creative input from community groups, the pool users and the public at large.

We found ourselves coming back to the desire to get people to reflect on their experiences, their opinions and feelings of Lytham St Annes. This led us to thinking about reflection as a type of thought process, a consideration, a way of taking notice and reviving memories. It also drew us visually, with the sun shining off the water, inside and out. Of reflective surfaces, windows and glasses giving a new perspective, a different way of seeing things.


Reflections through glass

We are inviting people to be part of this exciting project by reflecting on your experience of Lytham St Annes – the community, environment, a holiday,  history, reflecting back on the past, reflecting dreams for the future. Reflections of light, water, captured in shiny surfaces. Reflect in thought and in action thinking of different forms of reflection, mirroring your impressions, highlighting your feelings and experiences.

IMG_1998   IMG_1987

Playing with a mirror – looking forwards and backwards

Please send in your Reflections of Lytham St Annes – it can be writing, photographs, artworks or poems. It could be an old photograph you wish to share or something new that you create specifically – we would love to hear from you.

Post your reflection on our face book page:

Images and information will be updated regularly.

Follow us to see the importance of your input to the development of this project.

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