Sarah Jane Richards – Signage and Profiling

Below are the submitted designs by Sarah Jane Richards feeding from the intense period of public interactions during this project and relating to the signage and profiling of At Annes swimming pool. This, alongside the designs by Sophy King, marks the official close of Phase One of Reach Art Project.

P1 Engagement a closed P2 Engagement b closed P3 mood board a closed copy P4 mood board b closedP5concepts and inspirations closed P6 Building facade closed P7 Prom signs closed P8 outskirts signs closed

For further information on this and other developments along the Fylde Coast please contact

Darren Bell

Head of Leisure and Culture

Fylde Borough Council


Sophy King – The Environment

Below are the submitted designs by Sophy King feeding from the intense period of public interactions during this project and relating to the immediate environment around Fylde swimming pool. This, alongside the designs by Sarah Jane Richards, marks the official close of Phase One of Reach Art Project.

sk2 sk3 sk4 sk5

For further information on this and other developments along the Fylde Coast please contact

Darren Bell

Head of Leisure and Culture

Fylde Borough Council


REACH Art Festival 2014

Sunday 4th of May saw the REACH Art Festival occupying the promenade running from the marine lake café up to St Annes swimming pool. This event celebrated the culmination of the public engagement for REACH phase 1 and showcased a variety of creative talent from the area.

10329194_1488605341352669_5429895267305449265_n 2014-05-04 12.03.14

The REACH stand  was a fantastic opportunity to exhibit the creative and visual directions our designs are taking. We displayed mood boards which explored colour, tone, texture, shape and key words informed by the art activities and research undertaken in this project. The public feedback was very positive with people showing excitement at the prospect of re animating the promenade and being enticed by the direction the designs are leaning towards.

display sjr display sk

We also exhibited visual displays showing  the work created over the past two months with all the different groups within St Annes. A celebration of all the wonderful encounters we have had with schools, community groups, local business’s and the public. We also showed a giant knitted fish pattern with tessellating fish, knitted by local knitters and people from further afield thanks to everyone for creating so many wonderful little fish.

fish 1 copy

Local photographers, painters, craft makers, textile and glass artists had stalls showcasing their wonderful creativity and offering the chance to buy some beautiful original hand made art work. The stalls lined the promenade on both sides forming a passage of inspiration and visual delight. A treasure hunt for knitted fish holding riddles, jokes and questions had people exploring the beautiful listed Victorian gardens.

2014-05-04 11.59.41 2014-05-04 11.59.27

2014-05-04 11.58.35 2014-05-04 11.53.41


A hugely popular sea shanty band, The Fylde Coasters, kept the spirits high and feet tapping with a lively show and Punch and Judy enthralled kids and adults alike.  A storyteller opened up her suitcase to reveal potions and strange object with which to capture young imaginations and weave magical stories, the ground was festooned with colourful chalk drawings whilst a period mini bus ferried people through the crowd with a wave and a smile.

fylde coasters story1 copy

 10312576_1488728761340327_1579555974422733423_n pandj1 copy

bus 1 copy bus 2 copy

The RSPB and RNLI were both present, sharing their knowledge and expertise with enthusiasm.


Thank you to all the stall holders and entertainers who made the day so special and to everyone who supported this event. A huge thanks to the amazing Alex O’Toole for her energy and vision and for making this event such a huge success, also to Darren Bell from Fylde Council for his support on the day and invaluable gazebo building skills.







Kite Flying, Knit and Natter, Photographic Reflections

Drop in Art Activities – Engaging with the public.

In April we created and facilitated a range of drop in family friendly art activities.

Kite Flying

2014-04-13 12.28.55   2014-04-01 12.40.04

With the constant wind in St Annes it seemed a great opportunity to get in touch with the local kite flying groups and get people to create their own kites.  With huge support from Pat May, we held a day workshop at The Café Pavilion, Ashton Gardens where we created sled kites – a single string kite guaranteed to fly.

We wanted to fill the sky with images, poetry and colour and kept coming back to the idea of reflections. With this in mind we made the kites out of plastic bags, silver foil and coloured paper. These were decorated with images and words inspired by Lytham St Annes.

kidz kitz   flying kitez copy

The weather was great for flying, and the thrill of seeing the kites in the sky was amazing, well done to everyone who took part in this exciting day.

Knit and Natter

We were excited to get in touch with the knit and natter groups in Lytham St Annes and developed an idea for a creative, tessellating knitted hanging based on ideas of the coast.  A pattern was sourced and the call went out for knitters to unite in creating a shoal of knitted fish for this project.

kintted fish b

We held a drop in knitting day workshop where people got to grips with their needles and yarn and added to the pile of fish that were amassing.

With huge support from Sarah Waiman and her wonderful knitting group, and also a whole school of fish created by enthusiastic Victoria Rowley, we had a beautiful shimmering fish display.

2014-05-02 11.37.58    2014-05-04 11.54.19

100 Reflections

People are so inspired to take photographs of the beautiful coast line we thought we would develop a photography day. Our idea was to invite people to photograph parts of the promenade in St Annes.  We were looking for people to share their particular vision, their memories, to enable other people to see things through their eyes.

On a beautiful sunny day, we spoke with many people enjoying the promenade. Locals, holiday makers, day trippers, everyone had their own unique view of the area and what they loved so much about it.

9 swans photo     4bench photo

We printed and laminated these photographs – along with some writing explaining the thoughts they inspired and took them back to the site to attach them for others to see.  These poignant little images and reflections are still up and about and offer intriguing glances into the  hearts and minds of the local community and visitors to the prom.

8 lifeboat station photo crop      10 grass photo crop


Last weekend at St Annes Swimming pool

talking wall 6 4  c

We spent last weekend at St Annes Swimming pool where we facilitated different art activities to engage with the pool users.  A huge thank you to Ellamarie and Hannah from Blackpool University for being lovely volunteers.

A really popular activity was our talking wall. We covered a wall in huge sheets of reflective gold and silver paper and then invited people to form poetry from pre printed words. Some beautiful, evocative sentences were created with some really inspirations sentiments.

talking wall 6 4  b talking wall 6 4  a

We also made books, again with words and images to capture feelings and thoughts on space and place.

book 0604 c book 0604 b book 0604 a

The YMCA allowed us to host an en plein air drawing event where we drew directly from the pool, looking at capturing the reflections of light off the water – not an easy task but lots of fun.

pool drawing b

pool drawing c pool drawing a

We had a huge drawing area for young people laid out on the floor – we got the youngsters to lay on the paper in a swimming shape, then we drew around them. These shadows were then decorated and filled with what the kids loved about Lytham St Annes, the beach, the prom and the pool.

floor draw 0604 a

On Sunday it stayed dry enough for us to start chalking up the prom. Just look how vibrant and beautiful these images are!

chalking 0604 b chalking 0604 a

Fun and free – family friendly activities over the Easter holidays

We have three more art activities coming up at the Pavilion Café, Ashton Gardens:

Kite Making – Sunday 13th April 11am -2pm and then onto the front to fly. All materials provided.

100 Reflections – Monday 14th April 10.30 till 4.30. A photography project looking at special places and memories. Please bring a camera/camera phone.

Knit and Natter – From 10.30 am a mass knit and natter event to make a giant tessellating fish hanging. Knitters have been busily creating fish and sewing on a word to answer the question ‘ What defines Lytham St Annes?’ Don’t worry if you cant knit – we will also be cutting out and decorating paper fish to add to the huge multi media art work.

kintted fish a

Come along and be part of something big!








Bookmaking, Painting, Mapping and more

Another couple of intense and inspiring days spent with different groups around Lytham St Annes.

  2014-03-27 11.00.05

We spent Thursday morning with the staff and pupils of Red Rose School. We explored space and place, looking at personal journeys around Lytham St Annes and the things of interest encountered along the way.

2014-03-27 10.34.26

Working on long lengths of lining paper, students used oil pastels to create linear depictions of a journey they like to take. These included to dance classes, to the snooker hall, to  school and to the beach. Areas of interest were marked along the way and these included landmarks, buildings, natural features or memories of events that took place.

2014-03-27 11.46.28

Using coloured card students then animated their journey with collage and drawings, building up simple shapes to represent the key aspects.

The resulting works are dynamic, informative and exciting and we thank the students and staff for all their hard work and support.

2014-03-27 12.09.18

That afternoon we set up an artist bookmaking session at Ansdell Library. This session was aimed at engaging with people and highlighting their thoughts, cares and concerns about the promenade, the pool area and gardens.

2014-03-27 14.52.06  2014-03-27 14.44.28

Rachel worked for the entire session making two books. In the pages she stuck down selected photographs that appealed to her and then wrote words which described how she felt about the pictures.

2014-03-27 15.04.18

We had a wonderful chat with Peter Byrom, author of several historical books including St Annes Through Time, and his wife, thanks for taking the time to come.  Special thanks also goes to Richard Marshall and Christine who made books, sharing thoughts, feelings and inspirations. And of course, many thanks to Sarah, Jude and the library staff who were wonderful hosts.

2014-03-28 10.25.45

Friday morning we met with 40 pupils from Lytham Hall Park at the wonderful Park View 4U. We were really lucky with the weather, despite a mischievous wind, as we were working on tarpaulin outside.  We discussed with the children different habitats along the coast, concentrating on the sand dunes, the beach and the water.

photo 1 (2)

 The children collected different objects from the park, looking at shape, size and texture, then brought them back to long stretches of lining paper. Premixed paint was then used to make multiple prints looking at pattern and repetition, based on the coast line and the creatures that inhabit it.

photo 3   photo 1

The children responded energetically and the work created was dynamic and playful, with some lovely sensitive designs. We were really lucky to have Annie from Love My Beach and local marine biologist Nick inspire us all with talks on the richness and diversity to be found along the coast.

photo 5 (2)    2014-03-28 11.37.30

A huge thanks to Lytham Hall Park school, Julie, Annie and Nick and the staff at Park View 4U.

2014-03-28 14.42.41

Friday afternoon we visited Blackpool University to see the 2nd year Fine Art Students. Students are looking at our brief of community engagement, space and place and are going to be involved with volunteering during our open day activities in April.

Art workshops in Schools

What an inspiring week

We have delivered art workshops in schools – the first with Year 2 at Heyhouses CE Infants School.

hh wkshp 4      hh wkshp 5

We explored animals you would find in the sea, favourite amongst the kids were jelly fish, sharks and a couple of crocodiles. The children took their time in drawing fish designs out in simple shapes before cutting them out to create templates. These were then stuck onto gold and silver mirrored card.

hh wkshp 6    hh wkshp 7

Using sponges the children then dabbed on different types of blues, greens and white, blending them together to make new variations of the colours  and  had fun playing with creating different textures.

hh wkshp 8   hh wkshp 12

The fish templates were then removed to leave mirrored fish shapes shimmering in a beautiful painted sea.

hh wkshp 13    hh wkshp 14

We also delivered a workshop with Year 6 at Our Lady Star of the Sea. For this we explored stained glass windows and the children were tasked with creating designs based on water. We got some really interesting ideas, including literal depictions of mermaids and sea turtles to large drops of water and waterfalls.

olss wkshp 1  olss wkshp 2  olss wkshp 3

These designs were simplified before being created with layered tissue in laminate pouches. Consideration was given to complimentary colours and the ways colours changed when layered on top of each other.

olss wkshp 4   olss wkshp 6   olss wkshp 7

 This element was a bit tricky as the tissue at times had a life of its own but the children worked really hard to create some beautiful designs.  When they were finished we laminated them to create translucent artworks that really spring  into life with the light shining through.

olss wkshp 8    olss wkshp 10

All the work created is on display at St Annes Swimming pool, so pop along and have a look.

pool display 1  pool display 2  pool display 5

The front windows host the stained glass artworks whilst the view to the pool is decorated with the reflective paintings.

pool display 11 pool display 8

A huge thanks to the students for all their hard work, and the schools and staff for their support.

Poems and photographs


Pauline Worden

We have had some fantastic feedback from the call for Reflections –  Pauline Worden has been inspired by the sunset seen this week, above and Alex Evans has written an evocative poem:


(Thoughts From The Diving Board at The Old Lytham Baths)

And if the top board is a cliff face,

the pool below is a sea. Here bodies float like salvage,

dipping beneath the surface, then rising to grip the tiled shores.

A boy belly flops, bisecting the depths, a mother

wades the shallows, her new born slick against her skin.

Full bodied men slice through the water like seals

chasing their personal best and perfecting their stroke.

As you bask in the echoing warmth of a Saturday afternoon,

rub your stinging eyes. Look up –

see me arch and fall.

Ruth Brooks-Carter has shared  some stunning images from her album “My Lytham photography Journey 2014”

My Lytham Photography Journey 2014......this image which I'm naming 'Shrimp Bay At Sunrise' took me on a lovely journey of calmness & peace....Lytham Promenade takes you to another place, reaches within and brings out lots of lovely memories & smiles.....a great place for all ages.    My Lytham Photography Journey 2014 -  'Trees Of Wichwood'.....A fun magical day of picture snapping.

My Lytham Photography Journey 2014- 'Playtime Skip' ......Lytham Promenade....

Ruth Brooks-Carter

Pauline has also sent in this beautiful picture of her mum. She entered a beauty competition once at St Anne’s Open Pool. Pauline thinks she would have been about 19 in this picture…..

Pic of my very much missed mum. She died 4 yrs ago. She entered a beauty competition once at st.Annes Open pool . She probably would have been 19 maybe on this pic.x,x x

 … and this picture of herself with her sister Anne and her nanna, walking along st. Anne’s pier probably around 1960.

Photo: I've a sort of modern day old pic. Moi and sister Anne and my wonderful nanna. Walking along st. Anne's pier probably around 1960 x x x

Many thanks for all your wonderful contributions – keep them coming in!


Visiting Lytham St Annes


The sun was shining for our first full day site visit on this project. We were inspired by the light bouncing off the water and other reflective surfaces, such a beautiful place.

We spoke at length about our excitement about this project and our ideas for creating workshops, activities and event –  gathering information and creative input from community groups, the pool users and the public at large.

We found ourselves coming back to the desire to get people to reflect on their experiences, their opinions and feelings of Lytham St Annes. This led us to thinking about reflection as a type of thought process, a consideration, a way of taking notice and reviving memories. It also drew us visually, with the sun shining off the water, inside and out. Of reflective surfaces, windows and glasses giving a new perspective, a different way of seeing things.


Reflections through glass

We are inviting people to be part of this exciting project by reflecting on your experience of Lytham St Annes – the community, environment, a holiday,  history, reflecting back on the past, reflecting dreams for the future. Reflections of light, water, captured in shiny surfaces. Reflect in thought and in action thinking of different forms of reflection, mirroring your impressions, highlighting your feelings and experiences.

IMG_1998   IMG_1987

Playing with a mirror – looking forwards and backwards

Please send in your Reflections of Lytham St Annes – it can be writing, photographs, artworks or poems. It could be an old photograph you wish to share or something new that you create specifically – we would love to hear from you.

Post your reflection on our face book page:

Images and information will be updated regularly.

Follow us to see the importance of your input to the development of this project.